Bonnie Raitt Spoke Out About A Career-Defining Event

For many younger viewers, the outcome of the 2023 Grammy Awards may well have come as something of a shock. The artist who took home the Best Song award wasn’t Adele, Beyoncé, or Taylor Swift. No, the winner on the night was someone who likely isn’t as well known today as the other nominees. But in truth, Bonnie Raitt has been at the top for a long time. This legendary singer has had a remarkable career, in fact, but it hasn't been without its challenges. There was one particular incident, though, that changed everything for her.

A big surprise

Raitt seemed to be as astonished as anyone to beat the other illustrious nominees in her group, but that’s what happened. Her song “Just Like That” was the big winner on the night, which seemed to come as a genuine surprise to her. But up she went to the stage anyway to collect her prize.

“Totally humbled”

After she’d been handed her award by First Lady Jill Biden, Raitt took the mike. In her speech, she continued to express her shock at what had happened. She said, “I’m so surprised, I don’t know what to say. I don’t write a lot of songs, but I’m so proud that you appreciate this one. I’m totally humbled.”

Sweeping up

The Best Song award wasn’t the only gong Raitt picked up that night. Her song “Made Up Mind” was deemed the Best Americana Performance, while “Just Like That” brought her another win for Best American Roots Song. It was a successful night, all in all, though these Grammys were far from her first.

“Very proud”

Raitt is always happy to be noticed by the industry she’s toiled within for so long. As she reflected to People magazine following this latest Grammy win, “To be acknowledged for song of the year this time is pretty big — so, for one of my tunes? That’s a big thing for me, so I’m very proud.”