What The Royal Family Really Eats: 20 Recipes From Inside The Palace

Have you ever found yourself wondering what life inside Buckingham Palace is like? Well, you’re in luck. These 20 recipes are adored by the British Royal Family, and the delicious meals and treats are super-easy to whip up at home in your very own kitchen, too. Here you’ll learn the secret ingredient that William used to woo Kate, what food the Queen loves so much that it travels with her, and many other intriguing royal foodie facts. These nuggets offer an inside look at royal relationships, traditions, and day-to-day life.

20. Prince Phillip’s Russian delight

Before his death at the impressive age of 99 in April 2021, Prince Phillip lived a life full of love, service, and very good food. In fact, Hello! reported that the Queen’s husband often used to cook meals for his family. And apparently, he was a real guru with the grill — like all good dads should be! But there was one particular meal that Prince Phillip loved to eat above all others. And that delicacy, according to ex-Royal Family chef Darren McGrady, was salmon coulibiac. What is salmon coulibiac you ask? Well, it’s a recipe fit for royalty.

His favorite dish

Former royal chef Darren McGrady spoke to the Delish website about just how much Phillip loved tucking into this favorite dish of his, which originated in the wealthier echelons of Russian and French society. Salmon coulibiac is essentially a delicious puff pastry filled with the pink fish and a host of vegetables and spices. One particular recipe from A Spicy Perspective includes rice, diced mushrooms, spinach, white wine, shallots, and dill. But for Prince Phillip, McGrady apparently used to swap out the dill for tarragon — for an extra special royal twist. It certainly sounds deliciously regal if you ask us!

19. Meghan Markle’s mouth-watering munchies

Before Meghan Markle married Prince Harry and was merely a talented actress on legal drama Suits, she acquired a taste for something probably quite foreign to the British royal family — but delicious nonetheless! What we’re referring to here is Canadian delicacy poutine. The combination of fries, gravy, and cheese curds may not be super healthy, but it’s certainly moreish. And such an indulgent favorite food probably comes as a bit of a surprise to fans, who know Markle for her love of healthy living. But she doesn’t just enjoy eating poutine; she’s learned how to make it perfectly and serve it up.

It should squeak when bitten

So, what’s Meghan Markle’s favorite poutine recipe, you ask? Well, to make her poutine dish, you of course need the basics: French fries, gravy, and some good ol’ cheese curds. But Markle knows the secret that will take this tasty snack to the next level. “It’s got to squeak when you bite into it,” she told Delish. “Really. The cheese curds should make a squeaking noise when you bite into them or squeeze them. That’s how you know you’ve got the right kind.” There’s another important rule, though: absolutely no mozzarella! The proper cheese is paramount to the dish's success.