Princess Diana’s Family Shared Their Concerns About The Crown’s Portrayal Of Her

Netflix’s The Crown has gripped audiences around the world with its depiction of the British royal family. But the show has often come under fire for taking some pretty big creative liberties. And maybe no other character on The Crown has been quite as controversial as Princess Diana. As season five rolls around, everyone’s eyes are on Diana once again, now played by Elizabeth Debicki. Now the royal’s closest friends and family have revealed just how accurate the show's depiction of her is — and how they really feel about it.

Her costars were impressed

The actress Emma Corrin earned the role of young Diana in The Crown’s fourth season. And from the outfits to the hairstyle, Corrin has a striking likeness to Diana throughout her run. Olivia Colman shared that opinion too, as she appeared in a behind-the-scenes video for the program. But Colman, whose two-season stint as Queen Elizabeth II concluded with season 4, didn’t just focus on Corrin’s uncanny look, either.

Spookily accurate

Colman said, “[Corrin] really became [Diana], it was spooky to sit in front of her. It was like looking at the real thing. It was such a beautiful performance.” Due to the unique structure of The Crown, though, fans won’t be able to see more of Corrin’s portrayal beyond this season. Just like the other major characters in the show, Diana has been aged up for November 2022's season five.

The next Diana

Corrin’s performance covered the princess’ younger years when she first got together with Charles and experienced the pitfalls of worldwide fame. The actress’ successor in the role, Elizabeth Debicki, will depict her later years in the remaining two seasons. Quite a hard act to follow. But Debicki’s Diana in season 5 already has people talking.

Corrin's thoughts on leaving

Corrin told GQ magazine, “I’m sad about [leaving the show so soon]. But I’ve moved on.” She went on to offer more insight into her thoughts regarding her role during the behind-the-scenes video. And the young actress certainly sympathized with Diana’s position.