Metal Detectorist Digs Up An Object And Shrieks — Then He Learns He’s Uncovered A Lost Treasure

Charlie Clarke was in for a big shock. He was out in the elements, scanning the surface of a field in England with his trusty metal detector in hand when he heard the beep that meant he’d found something. But he was only an amateur, and what he was about to dig up would leave him floored. He couldn’t have ever expected to make such a significant find.

A very serious hobby

Charlie’s day job was running a café, meaning treasure-hunting with his metal detector was just a hobby. But in 2021 it turned into something a bit more serious, while he was exploring a plot of land in the county of Warwickshire. This is where he found something incredible — although he so easily could have missed it.

Shrieking like a schoolgirl

As a matter of fact, Charlie had been so close to calling it a day. His haul had consisted of little more than bits of an old automobile battery and a little scrap iron, and it seemed like that was going to be as good as it got. But out of nowhere his detector alerted him to something so amazing it left him, by his own admission, shrieking “like a little schoolgirl.”

Something gold

Speaking to British newspaper the Financial Times, Charlie reflected on that fateful moment. He recalled, “I’d had enough of digging, to be honest. But I had a few more swings and the noise was so high-pitched, I knew it was going to be something worth digging up. Then I saw it was gold... You wouldn’t think it would happen to someone like me.”

A find of historic importance

It’s not every day you discover a bit of gold in the ground, so Charlie was obviously incredibly intrigued. But when he examined what he’d uncovered more closely, he realized it was potentially even more special than he’d initially thought. This wasn’t just any old find: it was something of historic importance.