One Of History’s Most Famous Psychics Predicted Hundreds Of Events Through ‘Sleep Talking’

From humble beginnings in small-town Kentucky, Edgar Cayce grew up to become one of history’s most notable psychics, helping to inspire philosophies that continue today. And he predicted some of the 20th century’s biggest events, from the disastrous stock-market crash of 1929 to the unprecedented carnage of World War II.

The Sleeping Prophet

Cayce, though, could only make his predictions while in a trance — and he wasn’t exactly a reliable source. In fact, for every future event that he accurately foretold, he described several that never came to pass. Despite his variable success rate, though, the man dubbed the “Sleeping Prophet” went on to become a household name.

New Age hero

A century after Cayce’s birth, the New Age movement emerged in the West, echoing the spiritualist beliefs espoused by the Sleeping Prophet. And in this manner, his legacy has continued down the ages. But was the nature of his mysterious trances? And how did they help him predict the future?

Early years

Born in the Appalachian Mountains near the town of Beverly, KY, Cayce was part of a large farming family. But from an early age, it was clear that he was different from his five siblings. According to reports, he was prone to seeing the transparent spirit of his dead grandfather and claimed to be on friendly terms with the “little folk.”

Discovering religion

When he was just ten years old, Cayce attended church for the first time, quickly developing something of an obsession with Christianity. Apparently, he devoured the Bible, reading it over and over again. Then, two years later, he was visited by what many would refer to as a Heavenly apparition.